Горячая вакансия в Patron Empowerment: DevOps Engineer

Горячая вакансия в Patron Empowerment: DevOps Engineer


В компанию Patron Empowerment, которая является известным американским брендом, нужны специалисты на должность DevOps Engineer. Регион: г. Харьков.

Подробнее о компании можно узнать здесь.

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Необходимые навыки

Technical skills and technologies you will work with:

  • Networking: ISO/OSI, DNS, HTTP, SSL/TLS, Routing.
  • Cloud providers: AWS: VPC, IAM (roles, policies), EC2, S3, ELB, CloudFront.
  • Infrastructure as a code tool: TerraForm.
  • Linux administration skills are essential.
  • Scripting: Bash, Python.
  • Monitoring solutions: CloudWatch.
  • CI/CD tools: GitLab CI.
  • Containers: AWS EKS (Kubernetes).
  • Ability to solve tasks and own them.
  • Experience in cross-functional environment collaboration.
  • Experience in Gitlab administration.
Важно: Минимальный уровень английского — pre-intermediate!
Будет пюсом
  • Networking: VPN, DHCP, SMTP.
  • Log aggregation and analysis tools: Graylog, Logstash, ELK.
  • Infrastructure as code tools: CloudFormation.
  • Monitoring solutions: Prometheus, Grafana.
  • CI/CD tools: Jenkins.
  • Higher than the average salary.
  • Comfortable office and its location (In the city downtown).
  • Professional growth tightly ingrained into the company’s processes.
  • Flexible work and vacation schedule.
  • Sports compensation.
  • Paid medical insurance.
  • Legal advice and service.
  • English lessons.
  • We’ve got cookies and fruits!
  • Maintain:
    • development and production environments;
    • CI/CD.
  • Support and consult team on:
    • support team on CI/CD incidents;
    • consult team on application infrastructure aspects;
    • continiously develop infrastructure to fit business and development processes requirements.
Про проект

We are the team of enthusiasts and a part of the big learning organization striving for perfection.

We are all for the promotion of the strict engineering and project management practices and frameworks, such as TDD, CI/CD, pair programming, collective code ownership, and SCRUM.

We are always at the cutting edge of the technologies, wisely incorporating them in the project.

We cherish our members and facilitate their learning. Being with us brings not only a great financial reward but also the unique opportunity for a rapid professional growth not known in other organizations.

The product we develop consists of several interconnected services: video and audio streaming, tailored to the needs of listeners playlists, social networking, site building, and gaming, With the devised by us new approach to streaming and music content distribution, revolutionary solutions for musicians and producers, new way of building a social network for publishers and entertainers we expect to have millions of users!

Your job is to help us improve and add to what we have created and to help us provide the most amazing musical experience a fan could dream of.

Do you feel ready to join us? You are welcome!

По всем вопросам касательно вакансии DevOps Engineer в компании Patron Empowerment и для записи на собеседование обращайтесь к Екатерине:

Tel.: +38 (066) 188 24 11.

E-mail: katerina@rhythmic-rebellion.com

Предварительно прочитайте внимательно описание вакансии! Помните, что в вакансии описаны требования к идеальному кандидату, но рекрутеры готовы рассматривать всех кандидатов.


Команда SEDICOMM University: Академия Cisco, Linux Professional Institute, Python Institute.